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Council admits racial discrimination against Indian and Middle Eastern children

Editor 10 Min Read

A local education authority has admitted racially discriminating against two young boys and breaching their human rights when a school called the police after one of them told his teacher he had

Islam in Colombia, South America

Editor 7 Min Read

Blaring salsa music from a neighbouring bar does not perturb Sheik Munir Valencia as he bows in prayer at a family-home-turned-mosque in the poor, violence-racked Colombian city of Buenaventura. His prayers finished,

Makkah Court drops Crane Case

Editor 5 Min Read

Makkah Criminal Court on Thursday said it was dropping the case of the crane that collapsed in Makkah in September 2015 due to lack of jurisdiction over the case. The accident resulted

American Muslim leaders held emergency protest hours before Trump’s Muslim ban enforced

Editor 4 Min Read

Hours before President Trump enforces a Muslim ban and hours after he ordered federal agents to start building the wall along the Mexican border, Muslim leaders held an emergency rally to protest

Trump’s ban on Muslims from seven countries entering U.S.

Editor 4 Min Read

ALSO READ Trump isn't the problem. America is. "The real question we should be focusing on is not Donald Trump and his policies but why people supported him and how they reached

“Please keep your American flags off my hijab”

Editor 7 Min Read

What an activist fashion blog (Joojoo Azad) by a Muslim-Iranian writer & photographer has to say about the now symbolic "US Flag Hijab" Preface: To be honest with you, I was having trouble putting this