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“My son is not a terrorist”

Editor 2 Min Read

The father of the machete-wielding man who was shot by a guard as he tried to enter Paris's Louvre museum said on Saturday his son was not an Islamist and the French

Trump: A Mirror to Our Inner Prejudices

Editor 22 Min Read

It has been heartening to witness the mass protests erupting all over the UK against the bigoted policies of Donald Trump, particularly his Executive Order banning Muslims from entering the US. It

#BowlingGreenMassacre – The world ridicules Trump advisor for making up terrorist attack

Editor 2 Min Read

People all over the world have been mocking senior Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway since Friday after she used a TV interview to invent a terrorist attack that never happened, before criticising the media for failing to cover it. Ms

“The Immigration Ban is a Smokescreen”

Editor 9 Min Read

When I read about the incredibly active first week of the Trump administration, I struggle with two competing narratives about what’s really going on. The first story is simple: the administration is

Finsbury Park mosque wins apology and damages from Thomson Reuters

Editor 5 Min Read

A north London mosque has won an apology and damages from Thomson Reutersafter it was erroneously included on a global database linking it to terrorism activities. Finsbury Park mosque said Thomson Reuters

Devastating Exposé on Witch Hunt Against Muslim Charities

Editor 40 Min Read

The Middle East Eye published a devastating exposé by Alex Delmar-Morgan and Peter Oborne revealing a coordinated effort to demonise Muslim charities by right wing groups and press. Charities accused of links to extremism have had their