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“Offenders are most commonly White” – grooming gangs report finally released by Home Office

A report into grooming gangs that was previously kept secret by the government has today been published in a U-turn. And there are some theories as to why it was blocked...

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Shamima Begum – all of a sudden not British

Should brown people's Britishness be dependent on good behaviour?

You were being manipulated long before Cambridge Analytica came along

If you are anything like me then you will have been a bit sceptical of the scale—and ostentatiousness—of some of the outrage following the Cambridge Analytica scandal this week

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A Tangled Web of Religion in Politics

Some may say that the political arena is no place for religious sensibilities but, now and again, religion does raise its head...

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Oxfam ‘Aid for Sex’ scandal raises questions about the Charity Commission

Was the commission's controversial obsession with Muslim charities a factor that led to overlooking concerns with Oxfam?

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What’s the problem with Women-only train carriages?

Shadow Minister Chris Williamson and MP for Derby North is being censured for his comments on the proposed implementation of women-only carriages on trains. After sharing statistics on the rise of sexual assaults Williamson said, “It would be worth consulting about it,” Williamsom told PoliticsHome. “It was pooh-poohed, but these statistics

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“Grooming” and the Exploiting of Exploitation

Who gets away scot-free when the news cycle and public discourse is dominated by people arguing about race? Those very same individuals and institutions that have been systematically and institutionally failing these young girls for decades...

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The Sun to be investigated over “Nazi propaganda” against Muslims

The press regulator has received over 150 complaints against a characteristically ignorant piece in The Sun by Trevor Kavanagh, including complaints from Jewish and Muslim organisations, as well as a joint letter from 107 cross-party MPs voicing outrage...

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Rotherham Grooming: Inconvenient Facts EXPOSED

Rotherham grooming. We really should have read the Jay Report. This week three brothers were given a 19 to 35 year imprisonment sentence for their abhorrent abuse of vulnerable young girls in Rotherham. A sensitive topic, and one that in no way detracts from the stories of the victims, is

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‘Muslim Sex Grooming’ – The Times’ opportunistic Islamophobia exposed

“Muslim Sex Grooming” – The Times’ opportunistic Islamophobia exposed In June 2013, seven men that had perpetrated the brutal rape, torture and abuse of vulnerable girls in the care system were sentenced. Five of the men were sentenced to life imprisonment with two serving between 12 and 20 years. Five