Video message to ISIS by UK Scholars #FreeAlanHenning

  The following video is the result of discussions amongst the people of knowledge in the UK and abroad. The full video containing detailed scholarly explanations will be published soon, but due to the urgency of the situation - this abridged version has been released to clarify the issue for

The War on Terror 13 years on: Mission Accomplished?

Before the anniversary to the September 11th attacks this week, Dr Adnan Siddiqui asked whether or not the British government's stance on returnees from Syria represents an evolution in thinking from the knee-jerk reaction we saw on that day in America 13 years ago. One can't help feeling a sense

Former Taliban Captive to Baghdadi: ‘Release him and Take Me’

This week saw the anniversary of 9/11...an event which always resonates deeply not least of all because it is also a reminder of the time I was held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan. I was working for the Sunday Express newspaper when I was sent to Pakistan to cover

Condemnation of PM’s fear-mongering rhetoric

CAGE condemns Prime Minister’s fear-mongering rhetoric (London, UK) On 29 August 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron publicly declared that the threat level to the UK had been raised due to fear of British nationals returning from the Middle East. CAGE has been documenting abuses of due process in the War on Terror

Is David Cameron leading the UK to disaster?

Another Journalist Murdered by ISIS as Cameron Leads UK to Disaster Journalist Steven Sotloff is dead. He was beheaded in another grisly ISIS video posted on the Internet. The life of British national David Cawthorne Hanes was threatened this time towards the end. What sort of response is warranted by

Response to ISIS: Imperial Hegemony or a Safer World?

ISIS have been beheading Muslims in Syria for the last few years, curtailing and reversing the efforts of the resistance movements against Bashar al-Assad in Syria and al-Maliki in Iraq, before beheading the independent American journalist James Foley and more recently Steven Sotloff. All indications appear that Foley was a

Banning ISIS flags or Muslim declaration of faith?

Banning the "ISIS flag" will outlaw the Muslim declaration of faith In some parts of the world, there are few more divisive and contentious issues than the flying of flags. These are usually as a result of historic injustices and a lack of sense of identification with the geographical landscape or

Are they as important as James Foley?

First and foremost, let's be clear, Islām prohibits the killing of any civilian regardless of nationality, ideology or creed. Let us also be clear that the principles and maxims of justice in Islām is unparalleled. Allāh says in the Glorious Qur'ān: "Oh you who believe! Be ever steadfast in upholding

Operation Selective Conflict

“Without a policy to defeat IS in Syria any approach in Iraq is doomed to failure.” Julien Barnes-Dacey of the European council on Foreign Relations. So, should we assume that a vibrant course of action will now be taken? President Assad wasn’t quite enough but ISIS/IS should do the trick.

Conclusive scholarly opinions on ISIS

The following are views from various Muslim scholars and individuals on ISIS. The list by no means represents any endorsement of those listed by Islam21c or MRDF. Some conclusive scholarly opinions concerning ISIS and their actions The Syrian conflict has raged on, leaving conscious Muslims experiencing an agonising dilemma: to watch