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Reaching Excellence in Worship

The best form of worship is when the act is performed with Allah in mind from the beginning until the end. Whilst special attention is given to how actions are performed from an outward perspective, what is often neglected is how we perform those actions from the inward form. Allah

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So similar .. yet so different

Outwardly speaking, we can at times engage in identical actions to one another yet our inner motives can be dramatically different. The more one analyses the behaviour of human beings and ponders over their varying activities in life, the more one realises the accuracy of this observation. So accurate, so

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The Garden of Lovers: Ishq pt 2

Ibn al-Jawzi stated regarding ‘ishq echoing many that came before him, ‘Ishq is the operation of an empty heart or un-preoccupied heart (qalb faarigh); it is madness; and it leads to anguish or death. Some claim that it is a mentally caused disease (marad waswasi) similar to melancholy.’ Dissatisfied with

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The Garden of Lovers: Ishq

Ibn al-Qayyim in his book Rawdatul Muhibbeen (The garden of Lovers) dedicates the first part of the book defining the word love (hubb) as well as all other words that have similar meanings. There were approximately 50 words in the Arabic language that carried the meaning of love albeit they

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Istiqaama: The Way of the Believer

True strength often does not lie in one’s physique or muscle-power, but is almost always an issue going much deeper. Many are those who seem strong-willed and distinguished amongst people until there occurs at hand something which exposes their true reality, showing a weak and brittle state. Then there are

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Are we truly believers?

“So do not weaken and do not grieve, for you will indeed be superior if you are truly believers.” This verse was revealed to the Messenger (SAS) by Allah The Almighty from above the Seven Heavens, soon after the Muslims suffered a defeat in the Battle of Uhud and returned

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Prayers on the Prophet

A lot of people assume that sending prayers upon the Prophet is something to be looked down upon or left to the realms of those who commit religious innovations. Such a view is completely erroneous. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was no more than a man, but the best

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The Harm of Sins

Ibn al Qayyim wrote: It is necessary to know that performing sins is detrimental and harmful to the servant. The harm that sins cause to the heart is comparable to the differing levels of harm that various types of poison cause to the body. Indeed is there a single evil

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Reflections on Ramadan

It is well established in Islam that eeman is not simply a conviction of the heart – what in normative terms would be classified as belief. Rather actions are an integral part of eeman and, as Hasan Al-Basri wrote, ‘belief…is that which settles in the heart and is confirmed by

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“Do they not contemplate within themselves? Allah has not created the heavens and the earth and what is between them except in truth and for a specified term. And indeed, many of mankind deny the Meeting with their Lord.” Indeed, do we not contemplate within ourselves? Hasn’t the time come