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Glad tidings, O martyrs of Gaza, and woe to us

Yasin Abdullah 9 Min Read

Alhamdulillāh! Indeed, Gaza is a blessed land within the blessed region of al-Shām and now, in this most blessed month, it is being raised in rank again as Allāh showers His countless

Sisi Mubarak, Everyone!

AbdulRahman El-Nounu 8 Min Read

AbdulFattah al sisi, we salute you. We all rise to congratulate and honour the magnificent man who has managed to maintain a moral code so profoundly. The moral code of Fir’awn (I

In the Fiqh of the Rat Race

Abul Baraa 9 Min Read

Balancing work with seeking Islamic knowledge Getting a job and working hard so that you are able to become independent and support your family is undoubtedly a very noble and praiseworthy action,

The Refugee Dilemma

Yazan Abu-Jbara 8 Min Read

As a result of the influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan, many Jordanians are coming to realise that their businesses are improving. Many Syrians are happy to receive lower wages than their

Should British Muslim Mothers become spies for the Police?

Editor 2 Min Read

Asim Qureshi, a long time friend and guest author to Islam21c and currently the Research Director of CAGE UK appeared on BBC News yesterday to speak about the UK Government & British

“Happy Muslims” and the Muslim Minority Need for Political Maturity

CoolnessofHind 4 Min Read

Cross-posted from CoolnessofHind I did not wish to write about this for the last thing the Muslim minority needs is an object of discussion which creates a rift. I refused to comment