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The slander of ‘Deobandi Islām’

Mukhtar Master 9 Min Read

Suspicion is forbidden in Islām, however the irony is that under the Government’s Prevent, counter terrorism strategy, all Muslims are themselves under suspicion.  Not even little four year old children at nursery

Sikhs: Victims & Proponents of Islamophobia

Dr. Asim Qureshi 9 Min Read

Asim Qureshi reviews the book, Unsettling Sikh and Muslim Conflict by Dr Katy Sian “I wonder what happened to her? I think the last I heard was that she was in Pakistan…”

The truth about Sultan Aurangzeb

Dr Abid Mohammed 15 Min Read

The Emperor Aurangzeb, who rose to the throne in the 17th Century as the sixth Mughal ruler over "India", is often painted as a vicious, religiously intolerant, minority-suppressing fanatic, whose only job

India’s murderous new ruler gains Obama’s blessing

Ahmad Jomaa 5 Min Read

According to a statement issued by the U.S. State Department on May 16th 2014, the United States has welcomed the success of the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that U.S