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Muted Response to the Kashmir Issue: Reflection of Changing Priorities of Muslim Leadership?

Lukman Harees 11 Min Read

Is the reaction we are seeing to the Kashmir crisis a sign of shifting priorities for Muslims' rulers?

Modi, Kashmir, and Pakistan’s Dilemma

Muhammad Jalal 9 Min Read

After the repeal of Article 370 and a total shutdown of Kashmir 28 days ago, politics lecturer Muhammad Jalal takes an in-depth look at the politics behind the decision.

Glad tidings of Hind

Z A Rahman 17 Min Read

In a current period of turmoil for Muslims in India, Z A Rahman brings a message of hope from prophetic words regarding Hind.

“Panic” Created in Kashmir by Indian State

Letters to Islam21c 6 Min Read

Tourists told to leave. Extra troops deployed. People stockpiling essentials. Petrol pumps and ATMs run dry. Two Kashmiris write about panic in Kashmir right now.

Zaira Wasim: Leaving Bollywood for Allah

Dr Izzadeen Chowdhury 17 Min Read

"Who is there to stand between you and Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā)'s forgiveness?"

Kashmir Requires Statesmanship Not Showmanship

Tariq Huq 13 Min Read

Ironically by being captured, Wing Commander Abhinandan may well have averted a war fuelled by jingoism and irresponsible rhetoric.