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Kashmir Requires Statesmanship Not Showmanship

Tariq Huq 13 Min Read

Ironically by being captured, Wing Commander Abhinandan may well have averted a war fuelled by jingoism and irresponsible rhetoric.

Pulwama: the most important question no one is asking

Tariq Huq 12 Min Read

Why are young Kashmiri men turning to militancy?

My Open Letter to Pakistan’s New PM Imran Khan & His People

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 20 Min Read

Imran Khan has today been declared the 22nd Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Sh Dr Haitham al-Haddad reminds him and his supporters of the gravity of this responsibility...

Imran Khan Declares Victory in Pakistan’s General Elections

Ehsan Latif 9 Min Read

Whilst Imran Khan declares victory, western establishment media outlets reproduce doubtful narratives with remarkable consistency...

Game Changer – Pakistan’s 2018 General Election

Viqas Sheikh 14 Min Read

As a country, on paper, Pakistan stands as a giant amongst the Muslim world with immense potential to make its mark globally. 106 million there are expected to head for the voting

Condolences on the passing of Moulana Muhammad Salim Qasmi

Abu Abdullah Ibn Abdur Rahman 3 Min Read

Innā lillāhi wa innā ilayhi rājiʿūn. Indeed, to Allāh we belong, and to Him we are returning. On the 29th of Rajab, 1439 (the 14th of April) renowned scholar, Moulana Muhammad Salim