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Has Imran Khan played his last innings for Pakistan?

Following Imran Khan's jail sentence, Jahangir Mohammed, Director of think-tank Ayaan Institute, explains what's happening in Pakistan.

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Pakistan’s Generals: Defenders or Traitors?

Praetorianism is in full swing as the Pakistani army top brass continue to crush PTI leaders, workers, and supporters, even threatening expats worldwide.

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Imran Khan arrested; army emerges from the shadows

After being targeted with over a hundred cases of terrorism and anti-state crimes, the PTI chairman Imran Khan has been arrested; here is some analysis.

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Ukrainian arms firms propping up genocidal Myanmar regime

Dozens of countries are in cahoots with Myanmar's military regime, despite publicly fractious-seeming diplomatic relationships.

The Demonisation of Muslim Nuclear Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

The story of Khan is not just a Pakistani story, but a Muslim one.

14th August Massacre: Remembering #Rabaa

Ahmed Hammuda recounts one of the bloodiest massacres of unarmed protesters in recent world history, whose perpetrators are still at large.

The Prophet ﷺ in his Role as Ruler

100 years after the abolishment of the last caliphate, Sh Abdalhaqq Bewley looks at the governing blueprint drawn up by the most successful leader in history: the Prophet ﷺ

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MoD investigating viral video of British soldiers shooting Jeremy Corbyn picture

The Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation as viral video brings to light issue of right-wing extremism within the army.  A video has surfaced online showing a group of British soldiers, allegedly belonging to the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment, firing at a poster of Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Do We Care About Drones Now?

Recent drone sightings over Gatwick Airport plunged it into chaos. Are Britons now ready to care about drones?

My Open Letter to Pakistan’s New PM Imran Khan & His People

Imran Khan has today been declared the 22nd Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Sh Dr Haitham al-Haddad reminds him and his supporters of the gravity of this responsibility...