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Newly released list of Prevent Priority Areas proves the policy is oppressive at the core

By injecting funds into the oppressive Prevent programme in areas with high concentrations of Muslims, the government can no longer claim that it is unbiased against Islam. 

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A Necessary Legal Challenge for Palestine

In our schools and in our streets, #FreePalestine will continue to ring loud, and will never be silenced, inshā' Allāh.

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People’s Review of Prevent launches independent platform as Shawcross review begins

Prevent Watch is calling for evidence from all those who have experienced Prevent but who do not feel safe to speak about it, or who have conscientiously objected to the Shawcross review.

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“Extremism” accusations in custody battles: a lose-lose strategy

He accused his ex-wife of extremism in a custody battle. Then they both lost.

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The Unwelcome Guest in Ramadan

We may not notice it, but the tranquility the rest of us enjoy is being shattered for too many families this Ramadan, Dr Layla Aitlhadj explains.

Making a Muslim Coalition | Yahya Birt on Unscripted #79

On this week's episode of the Unscripted podcast, Salman speaks to someone behind the largest British Muslim coalition in decades.

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Muslims unite for UK’s biggest coalition in almost two decades

Prevent Watch’s Alim Islam details the reason behind the UK’s biggest and broadest coalition of Muslims since 2003.

I Refuse to Condemn | Stories From Us and For Us

Never has a collection of voices been so powerful, authentic and woefully overdue as this. We have all lived this story.

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What back to school means for PREVENT

Social distancing at schools means more doors will open to Prevent than ever before - here’s why we need to speak up.

Unscripted #38 | Scientists vs Counter “Extremism” | Rob Faure Walker & Tarek Younis

Join us this week on our Unscripted Podcast #38 with Dr Rob Faure Walker & Dr Tarek Younis