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Slough community voices frustration against “Prevent lobby”

Lobbyists for the government's failing Prevent strategy attended a community event in Slough last night. They did not receive a warm welcome.

Ten former torture victims call for independent inquiry and apology

Following the recent revelations of UK complicity in illegal rendition and torture, ten former victims of such treatment call on the UK Government for justice

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New figures highlight rising levels of Islamophobic hate crimes

In a disturbing statistic the study found that 60% of Nottingham's Muslims have been victims of a crime.

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Babu & Mike’s “Alternative” to Prevent – like putting lipstick on a pig

Dal Babu and Mike Howes are trying to sugar-coat the toxic Prevent pill, bogusly claiming MCB support. It's not going down very well...

Why We Must Reject the ‘Commission for Countering Extremism’

Six reasons why Sara Khan is irrelevant - the existence of a commission countering 'extremism' is the real issue in principle...

Tackling institutional Islamophobia needs to go beyond mere verbosity

It was interesting to note the distinguished speakers stressing the importance of stamping out anti-Muslim hatred in our society at the inauguration of the Islamophobia Awareness Month at the House of Commons earlier this month, organised annually by MEND, despite unsuccessful attempts by vested interests to discourage participation. Among the

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New Home Office stats highlight “failure” of Prevent

Prevent referral statistics released by the Home Office today may have inadvertently highlighted its "ineffective and counterproductive" nature...

When Prevent Tried to Recruit Me

What would your response be if the head of Prevent in your region offered you a "role"?

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Prevent strategy is ‘built on a foundation of Islamophobia and racism’

According to a new report, the Prevent strategy is "built on a foundation of Islamophobia and racism". The report also states that the strategy is "ineffective and counterproductive" and should be repealed. Prevent is one of the four stands of the government's counter-terrorism strategy which is known as ‘contest’. ‘JUST

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Rays of Hope for NUS & Islamic Societies Following Judicial Review into Prevent

Student Islamic Societies as well as the National Union of Students, a confederation of nearly 600 students’ unions representing 7 million students, have welcomed the recent judicial review judgement claiming it has vindicated their long-held anti-Prevent stances...