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Parliament has passed the new Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act into law

New bill will significantly increase powers of the security apparatus in public and private life…

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Stop “proselytising” LGBT ideology to pupils, demand parents

An example of a British Muslim parents' group standing up for their principles in the face of pressure

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UK Government’s widely discredited Prevent strategy faces independent review

“In allowing an ‘independent review’ of PREVENT to go ahead the Government has conceded that the policy lacks any trust or credibility.”

Op-Ed: Prevent and the CCE are one and the same and both must be boycotted

“We do not believe that communities should be party to their own oppression”

What Have We Learnt From Malcolm X? (Rahimahullah)

In this Face to Face episode, Fahad Ansari discusses some pertinent lessons from the wisdom of Al-Hajj Malik el-Shabbaz, more popularly known as Malcolm X, rahimahullah.

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Counter Terrorism officers “blame Qur’an for terrorism” says family

The widely discredited Prevent scheme reached a new low recently, with officers allegedly showing open disdain for the Qur’ān and the basic tenets of Islām...

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#TakingPreventToCourt: All the latest updates

Islam21c Chief Editor Dr Salman Butt takes on UK Prevent Programme at court today...

Legal Challenge to Prevent Reaches Court of Appeals

This week will see the next significant step along the long path to holding the UK government to account for its policies against so-called “extremism”, including the toxic Prevent policy.

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They’ve taken my children. What do I do?

British Muslim parents fight to keep their children.

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Muslim mothers successfully fight back against Prevent to keep their children

A new CAGE report has been released exposing the continued use of discredited pseudo-science used to take Muslim children away from parents, helping families fight back to challenge Prevent and stay together.