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Shaikh Haitham: From New Zealand to Gaza—Terrorism Against Muslims

Shaikh Haitham's message regarding the New Zealand Terrorist Attack

Advice in Light of the Tragic Masjid Shootings

Six pieces of advice from Sh Sajid Umar in light of the mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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LIVE UPDATES: 49 Muslims killed in terrorist attack on two mosques

"Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision..." May Allāh accept them as shuhadā

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Kashmir Requires Statesmanship Not Showmanship

Ironically by being captured, Wing Commander Abhinandan may well have averted a war fuelled by jingoism and irresponsible rhetoric.

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Pulwama: the most important question no one is asking

Why are young Kashmiri men turning to militancy?

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Shamima Begum – all of a sudden not British

Should brown people's Britishness be dependent on good behaviour?

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Op-Ed: Prevent and the CCE are one and the same and both must be boycotted

“We do not believe that communities should be party to their own oppression”

Hajj: Striving in the Path of Allāh

  “Here I am Allāh, Here I am to serve you here I am...” Hajj is the fifth pillar in Islām and is one of the greatest deeds one can accomplish in his or her lifetime. There is also another deed which is considered by some as being the sixth

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Slough community voices frustration against “Prevent lobby”

Lobbyists for the government's failing Prevent strategy attended a community event in Slough last night. They did not receive a warm welcome.